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Dance Workshops


We are available for dance education workshops for your group of dancers. We can deliver a wide range of topics to various ages and even teacher focused training. All workshops are fun, inclusive, practicable and based on the latest evidence based research. We hope that dancers leave our workshops feeling empowered about their body and it's capabilities. If you are Brisbane or South East Queensland based, we are able to come to your studio. Alternatively, we can offer our workshops remotely.  

​Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention

These workshops are designed to provide information on common dance injuries and expand the dancer’s knowledge of possible contributing risk factors. The dancers will be taught a self assessment to identify any vulnerable areas and then taught targeted exercises to combat and strengthen any weaknesses.

Improving Turn Out - Healthy Hips

Improving Turn Out - Healthy Hips

This workshop is designed to teach you all things relating to turnout. Whether you are new to ballet and can’t quite get your head around turnout, or have been dancing for years and want to improve your turnout, this course is for you. We will cover:

  • Background anatomy of the hip and turnout muscles

  • Assessment of turnout range 

  • What factors may be limiting your turnout

  • Isolated activation of your turnout muscles 

  • Progressions of turnout strengthening exercises

Pre-Pointe or Beginners Pointe

Pre-Pointe or Beginners Pointe

Suitable for those planning on starting pointe or for those who are in their first year of pointe work. We will cover 

  • Strength requirements for starting and maintaining pointe work

  • Optimal range of motion 

  • Injury prevention 

  • Exercise prescription for injury prevention and greater confidence

  • Foot and shoe care for longevity 

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Strength & Conditioning

In this workshop we will work to unpack common myths about dancers incorporating strength and conditioning. We will provide up to date evidence based information in regards to the safe and beneficial application of strength and conditioning.
We will discuss 

  • Benefits of strength and conditioning for a dancers performance and longevity 

  • Appropriate ages for strength training 

  • Different forms of strength and conditioning 

  • How to manage load throughout the year 

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Safe Flexibility 

Should I stretch before or after class? How long should I hold my stretches for? Which is better, static or active stretches? Why am I feeling pins and needles when I stretch? 

We explore all of these commonly asked questions and more within this workshop. We delve into the most recent research into safe and effective stretching and provide practical ways to implement this into your dance routine. Throughout the workshop we will also discuss how to manage hypermobility and what that means for your stretching routine. We are able to help you with your specific flexibility issues and breakdown where restrictions may be coming from.  

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Male Strength & Conditioning

This is a follow on to our “Strength and Conditioning Workshop”. In this content we delve deeper into expectations and loads placed on Men in dance. 

  • Biomechanics of lifting and partnering

  • Shoulder strength and stability required for safe lifting

  • Recommended practice to prevent injuries

Customise your workshop

We love hearing about which topics you would like to learn more about.
Workshops are able to be personalised to your specific needs.

Drop us an email and we can create the perfect workshop for you.

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